Medical Faculty of the University of Basel

MD thesis supervision  Prof. Dr. Niklaus Labhardt   Prof. Dr. Matthias Briel  

PhD Program Health Sciences:  Medical Faculty of the University of Basel

Course: Introduction to Systematic Reviewing  Dr. Soheila Aghlmandi  Dr. Stefan Schandelmaier

Course: Essentials of Health Research Methodology (RCT modules)  Prof. Dr. Matthias Briel    

PhD research supervision: Epidemiology  Prof. Dr. Niklaus Labhardt 

PhD research supervision: Clinical research  Prof. Dr. Matthias Briel   Prof. Dr. Niklaus Labhardt 

Postgraduate Studies: University of Basel

Master of Advanced Studies Insurance Medicine (MAS, DAS, CAS)  Prof. Dr. Regina Kunz

Module: Evidence-based Insurance Medicine: Systematic reviews and Cochrane Collaboration Prof. Dr. Regina Kunz