CLinical research Empirical Assessment & Recommendations (CLEAR) Methods Center


CLEAR methods for better clinical research

 The CLinical research Empirical Assessment & Recommendations (CLEAR) Methods Center fosters innovative and evidence-based research methodology for high-impact clinical research. We support clinical researchers and service staff members with applicable solutions and methodological guidance.

 In national and international networks with researchers and other stakeholders we promote collaboration, efficiency, transparency, and patient-relevance in clinical studies. 

 A particular research focus of CLEAR is the development, evaluation, and implementation of new clinical trial designs.

 We provide a platform for academic collaboration across medical fields, disciplines, and career stages to create a productive research environment for the generation of trustworthy evidence enabling optimal care decisions.


Prof. Dr. Matthias Briel  - Unit Head

Dr. Alain Amstutz  - Post-doc / Project leader

Dr. Stefan Schandelmaier  - Post-doc / Project leader

Dr. Benjamin Speich  - Senior researcher / Project leader

Prof. Dr. Dr. Pedram Sendi  - Adjunct professor

Alexandra Griessbach  - PhD student

Ala Taji Heravi  - PhD student

Christof Schönenberger  - PhD student

Johannes Schwenke  - MD / PhD student

Thomas Stojanov  - PhD student

Lindrit Ahmeti  - Master's student

Annatina Bieri  - Master's student

Malena Chiaborelli  - Research assistant

Manuela Covino  - Master's student

Mona Elalfy  - Master's student

Lena Hausheer  - Master's student

Julia Huellstrung  - Master's student

Hillary Wnfried Ramirez  - Master's student