RELY studies: The reproducibility of psychiatric evaluations of work disability

Expert psychiatrists conducting work disability evaluations often disagree on work capacity (WC) when assessing the same patient. More structured and standardised evaluations focusing on function could improve agreement. The RELY studies aimed to establish the inter-rater reproducibility (reliability and agreement) of ‘functional evaluations’ in patients with mental disorders applying for disability benefits and to compare the effect of limited versus intensive expert training on reproducibility. More info (German and French)

RELY Design, Methodology, and Results


Project group leader

Prof. Dr. Regina Kunz

Project group

Regina Kunz, David Y von Allmen, Renato Marelli, Jürgen Barth, Ulrike Hoffmann-Richter, Joerg Jeger, Ralph Mager, Etienne Colomb, Heinz J Schaad, Monica Bachmann, Nicole Vogel, Jason W Busse, Martin Eichhorn, Oskar Bänziger, Thomas Zumbrunn, Wout de Boer, Katrin Fischer


Key publications

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Further publications

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