A public database to help health researchers find methods guidance articles for their projects.

Ensuring high methodological quality is a priority in the health research community.  Best practice guidance on understanding, applying, reporting, and assessing methods often appears in journal articles. Finding appropriate guidance articles, however, can be challenging due to heterogeneous terminology, insufficient indexing in medical databases, and variation in formats.  

To overcome these difficulties, we developed the Library of Guidance for Health Researchers (LIGHTS), a searchable, open-access repository containing a large number of manually indexed guidance papers on various methodological topics.  

The aim of LIGHTS  is to improve the searchability of methods guidance articles, support the dissemination and implementation of methods guidance and, ultimately, improve the methodological quality of health research.  

Link to Library of Guidance for Health Researchers (LIGHTS)


Contact person:  

Stefan Schandelmaier

University Medical Library