Dr. Jennifer Brown

Post-doc / Project Leader / Group Co-lead Clinical Research Global Health

Jennifer Brown is a postdoctoral scientist conducting clinical, epidemiological, and implementation research aimed at informing HIV management in Southern and East Africa. Key interests include paediatric HIV, viral drug resistance, genotypic resistance testing, treatment outcome monitoring strategies, and the rollout of new antiretrovirals.


Viral Load Cohort North-East Lesotho (VICONEL)

Tolerability of Lopinavir Versus Dolutegravir for Children and Adolescents Living With HIV (LoDoCA)

Genotype-Informed Versus Empiric Management of VirEmia (GIVE MOVE)

Viral Load Triggered ART care in Lesotho (VITAL)

Peer-Educator-Based Refill of ART (PEBRA)

Dolutegravir in Real Life in Lesotho (DO-REAL)

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